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Rapid Prototyping

Imagination to realisation

P1 uses a process to develop your imagination to realisation, helping you move from product insight smoothly through to delighting your consumers with new product launches

A fountain of divergent principles and ideas

Product design prototype

P1 Design begins by gaining a deep understanding of your ideas, thoughts and principles as well as understanding your market and brand before generating a fountain of divergent thoughts and ideas that explore different and exciting ways the product could be realised. From this initial cascade of ideas that fit with your brand values and meet the customer needs we can start to develop the ideas further

The potential of real ideas

P1 Product Design takes the unrefined ideas that hold real potential and starts to form them into viable product solutions. We harness our intimate knowledge and experience of product and industrial design to shape these raw ideas using 2D and 3D stimulus. Initial form and functionality is shown for first stage validation and selection with your influence and our insight.

Bringing idea to life

Customer validation of P1 Design concepts is vital for success. Appreciating the end user research and potential interaction gives us the insight to generate 2D and 3D stimulus bringing the ideas to life to ensure the customer need has been fully satisfied and the full impact of the idea can be measured

Simplicity of implementation without compromising expectations

Listening to and learning from customer feedback ensures that selected concepts are distilled and reworked to reach their full potential. We refine the design for expectations using the latest rapid prototyping techniques creating functional and none functional models to prove form, fit and function. This brings the idea closer to validation by the end user with focus groups and controlled testing.

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